Bananas on the board: Is this art?

This critical thinking activity is inspired based on the story reported in the New York Times Students will take different roles to present their perspectives. Here are the procedures

1 Stick a banana on the classroom board.

2 Ask students to look at the banana, brainstorm and write down 1 or 2 words on the board (Students’ answers: slip, fail, power, curve, healthy)

3 Tell them that a banana could cost up to $120,000, referring to the story in the New York Times.

4 Assign roles to individual/group of students with guiding questions:

the artist: Where did the idea come from?

the buyer: What did you decide to buy this

the visitor: What comes to your mind when you saw this. Is it art or produce?

the ‘hungry’ visitor: Why did you decide to destroy it?

Students then role-play, presenting their opinions, thoughts and feelings.

This is my board presentation:

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