Clay crewmates in camouflage: Where are they hiding?

With the popularity of the ‘Among Us’ game, I’ve designed this treasure hunt activity for my kids at home using the ideas of clay crewmate figures hidden somewhere around the house.

Here are the procedures:

0 Rule explanation: Tell the kids that you’re going to play a treasure hunt activity. They will find 5 colorful Among Us clay crewmates in camouflages in the house. They are not allowed to move things or objects. They will just search the surface. Inside each clay crewmate there will be a secret letter. When they find 5 letters, the will unscramble them and it will provide them the final hint leading to the treasure.

1 Crewmates building: Ask the kids to build ‘Among Us’ figures from clay (Play-doh). When they finish, ask them about the crewmates: their names, their age, and the tasks. You can take a look at ours below.

2 Crewmates stuffing: Stuff the pieces of letters inside the clay crewmates: One clay crewmate, One letter.

You can see in the photo above the five letters are P-I-A-N-N-0. Yes, that’s where I’ve hidden the treasure in our house 🙂

3 Crewmates in camouflage: Secretly hide the figures around the house. Make sure that they are in very good camouflage. Can you find them in the photos below? 🙂

4 Searching: Set time and ask the kids to find the clay figures.

5 Decoding: After they’ve found all the figures, ask them to unscramble the word and try to guess the final hint that leads to where the treasure is.

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