Hearts in your hand: Who’s your partner?

This activity can work very well when teachers would like to make a random name call, or when nobody feels like volunteering to answer the teacher’s question or prompts.

It works like this:

1 Give students the topic topic of the day, for example, fruits.

2 Ask students to draw two hearts on their hand (either left or right).

3 Ask students to think of a fruit which is NOT a banana, an orange or an apple 🙂

4 In the first heart, ask students to write down the name of the fruit inside.

5 In the second heart, ask students to write down the name of their partner.

6 Ask students to hold and raise their fist (the one with the heart drawings)

7 Tell students that the teacher will randomly call out the name of a fruit (for example, mango), and if the student has it on their hand, they will say ‘BOOM!’ and show their hand open.

8 Teacher asks: ‘You’ve got mango? Congratulations! Who’s your partner?’ Students answers ‘Yes, I have mango. Mai is my partner!’.

9 Teacher congratulates Mai – the lucky person 🙂

10 Student Mai then does the task or answer the question given.

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