Hành trình 10 năm qua 5 lần thi IELTS: tăng 0.5 điểm, còn nhiều thứ cần cải thiện

KẾT QUẢ SAU 10 NĂM THI IELTS Đêm 30 tết âm lịch mình nhận được kết quả IELTS cho lần thi thứ 5. Mình bắt đầu thi IELTS Academic từ năm 2012, đến nay 2022, là tròn 10 năm. Chứng chỉ IELTS chỉ có thời hạn 2 năm nên cứ hết hạn là mình thi […]

Con mong Thầy an nghỉ

Thầy con, Phê rô Trần Xuân Trường, sinh ngày 01.08.1968 đã về nước thiên đàng hưởng nhan thánh Chúa vào ngày 26.12.2021 tại Giáo Xứ Phát Hải. Con mong Thầy an nghỉ. Con xin lỗi Thầy vì trong những giây phút cuối cùng con không kịp về chào Thầy. Con xin viết những dòng này […]

Zoom Fatigue Combating: Spinning a Fruit Wheel to Encourage Micro Off-screen Activities

Starting 22 February, our university is teaching the first two weeks of the new semester online due to the third Covid-19 wave in Vietnam. The different thing this time is that we will no longer use Zoom but other free video conferencing platforms such as MS Teams, Google Meet, and Big Blue Button together with […]

Bầu Cua: An Interactive PowerPoint Culture Quiz on Vietnam’s Lunar New Year

Hello Lunar New Year 2021! In this first sharing of the Year of the Ox/Buffalo, I’d like to introduce you to the Bầu Cua family board game. Bầu Cua (Bottle Gourd – Crab) is probably one of the most entertaining gambling games on Vietnam’s New Year. The original paper game looks like this: Based on […]

Jolly Jacket: What’s your story?

Saigon, 23 December 2020 As usual, I would come up with a ‘warm-up’ activity on the way riding to campus. Saigon does not get chilly easily. It normally goes either rainy or sunny all year round. That’s why all of a sudden when we are given the just-right-chill, things look much nicer this Christmas, hopefully […]

Ice age Investigation: How can we save Santa?

You can read Lego Science: An Ice Excavation Experiment. for an amazingly detailed explanation of a science experiment using Lego mini-figures. What I shared below was just a partial execution named Santa Rescue Mission. I did the activity with my son two years ago and he really enjoyed it. The day before this Santa Rescue […]

Hearts in your hand: Who’s your partner?

This activity can work very well when teachers would like to make a random name call, or when nobody feels like volunteering to answer the teacher’s question or prompts. It works like this: 1 Give students the topic topic of the day, for example, fruits. 2 Ask students to draw two hearts on their hand […]

Giggles of goats: What reality are we in?

Our classroom space can be transformed into an alternative reality with the presence of creatures in shadow puppets. In this activity demonstrated by the in-service teachers at Gee-O during a TESOL certification course I did with HorizonTESOL, the teachers turned off the normal lights, switched on the smartphone flashlight, and then set up a makeshift […]