Envelopes for Each of Us: What are you writing, to whom, and how?

Many writing lessons might not end well. Because learners have probably not been encouraged to see how others appreciate their products. Too much seems to be on correction efforts while little is paid attention to the beautiful experience of reading or simply sending the letter. A simple way is using envelopes and telling the students […]

Dice Duels: Can you build a random sentence?

Dice Duels: A Touch of Randomness The random combination principle dictates that meaningful learning can be created out of randomized construction. There are dozens of possibilities that a dice box might offer to bring out learners’ creativity. But first, teachers should help learners create a dice box. One useful collection of cut-out dice printables of […]

Clay crewmates in camouflage: Where are they hiding?

With the popularity of the ‘Among Us’ game, I’ve designed this treasure hunt activity for my kids at home using the ideas of clay crewmate figures hidden somewhere around the house. Here are the procedures: 0 Rule explanation: Tell the kids that you’re going to play a treasure hunt activity. They will find 5 colorful […]

Bananas on the board: Is this art?

This critical thinking activity is inspired based on the story reported in the New York Times Students will take different roles to present their perspectives. Here are the procedures 1 Stick a banana on the classroom board. 2 Ask students to look at the banana, brainstorm and write down 1 or 2 words on […]

Animals we adore: What do they say about our personality?

I don’t remember where I picked up this activity so am unable to give credit to the original authors. It works like this: teachers will walk students through drawing three favorite animals of their own, and the slowly revealing that those animals reveal others’ opinions about them and their own viewpoints. Here are the procedures: […]